The Next Generation: Psychoanalytic Successors


Is there dreaming after Freud and Jung? And how. A number of clinical theories of dreaming grow out of the two giants' work, each one with its own set of assumptions about the psyche and the function of dreaming. Kelly Bulkeley names and explains four important successors to Freud and Jung: Alfred Adler, Medard Boss, Thomas French and Erich Fromm, and Frederick Perls.


Podcast Lecture: The Somniloquy



Bulkeley, An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming: Ch. 4



1. What is the function of a dream according to each of these theorists? What method of dream interpretation does each one use in a clinical setting?

2. In what one fundamental way do Adler, Boss, French, Fromm, and Perls all depart from Freud and Jung's notion of the origin of dreams?



The Chase: Read the sample dream here, and then create a chart in which you 1) sketch out how each of the four clinical dream theories would approach the dream; 2) identify questions that each theorist would ask the dreamer; and 3) brainstorm what interpretations each theory might yield.